Diamond Lake School District 76 representatives met with Anderson Lock’s Jeff Asta to outline their goals for adding electronic access controls to their three schools and their district office. Their first goal was to add an automated way to grant access into their schools and offices, for staff and students, without using mechanical keys. They also wanted a way to control and track where and when people could enter their buildings.

Jeff recommended an Open Options® DNA Fusion, paired with Schlage Wireless PIMS, AD400 Locks, and WRI400 Wireless Reader Interfaces. This access control system meets their immediate goals, while strategically placed PIMS gives them wide, wireless coverage, which will give them the ability to expand fairly seamlessly within each building.

The site survey revealed that four total openings, and two single doors, required replacements. Unlike other access control companies, Anderson Lock Electronic Access Control provides one source for doors, frames, and all types of security door hardware, making sure that all components of the new security system work well together. To eliminate headaches, and assure a smooth transition from mechanical keys to card readers, the district officials provided Anderson Lock with an employee list and access rights requirements. Jeff said, “We input their information into the software prior to installing the hardware so that, overnight, staff members’ cards would get them into their buildings.”

Currently, this system provides “lockdown” capability through the software, and in the future, lockdown buttons can be added if they are deemed necessary.