The Fellowes fellows liked what they saw…

In 1917, Harry Fellowes founded the Bankers Box Company, which produced record storage boxes. Now known as Fellowes Brands, the company has grown to become a leading manufacturer of innovative office solutions. When planning to convert existing space into a new, open layout design, the owner, and his architect, visited Anderson Lock’s new Door Division, which had also been completely renovated, using Wilson Partition products for interior office doors and faux window walls. They liked what they saw.

Fellowes’ contractor, L.R. Hein, is a longtime Anderson Lock customer. Hein’s experience installing a similar Wilson Partition application at our Door Division, had led their Project Manager to suggest the visit. Clear anodized-aluminum barn-door slider systems, which feature soft close / soft opening, and easy installation, were subsequently specified, instead of the flush slider system originally stipulated.

The Fellowes Brands’ architect also chose sleek, long, Rockwood locking pulls, just like the ones we chose.

David McDonald, National Sales Manager for Wilson Partition, almost always recommends Anderson Lock as the supplier for his products, and replacement parts, in this area. Our immense, well-stocked warehouse, accurate ordering, and prompt delivery assure on-time installations and renovations.