Scheduling classroom security projects, to assure completion before students return after summer vacation, has been a challenging assignment for Anderson Lock’s Service Managers, Jim Riddle and Gary Ipsen.

Due to the epidemic of violence in our nation’s schools, there has been a heightened demand for improved security in public and private schools, at all levels.  Anderson Lock’s knowledgeable security consultants, coupled with our extensive experience with new electronic and upgraded mechanical locks, make us uniquely qualified to recommend and install products and security systems that will both meet the needs, and stay within the budgets, of educational facilities.

Timelines for new school security systems start many months ahead of actual installations. To determine bid specifications, the first step is oftentimes scheduling one of our estimators to “walk the doors.” Every door in every school must be surveyed. Lock locations, functions and finishes are listed. Cylinder types are inventoried.

When our bid proposals are accepted, new Master Key Systems are created, doors and frames that need to be replaced, are measured, and detailed orders are placed with multiple manufacturers. Then, when all the materials are received, the installation is scheduled, and a team of techs travels to the district’s schools daily, until the project is completed. Our installers and lock techs spent most of the summer months inside area schools.

Last summer, John Tinetti, at Glenview Public School District #34, coordinated Anderson Lock’s replacement of existing locks with school security locks, in eight schools, and their administration building. This year, we installed a new Master Key System into those locks, using Schlage’s Everest high security cylinders.

John said, “Everything went smoothly. We are very pleased.” He praised our estimator Jim Didier, who led the two-tiered installation. “Jim’s a good guy. He saw the project through from beginning to end, and was always very responsive when there were any questions.”

“Anderson Lock has a very professional team, and quality products at an affordable price,” Tinetti said. “I liked all the guys…they do great work.”