Go To Logistics Came To Anderson Lock for Their Electronic Access Control System


Go To Logistics is a family-owned business that has been providing freight transportation and logistics services to various size companies for over a decade. Dedicated to quality, safety, and dependability, they have earned a solid reputation among their clients whose business depends on timely and accurate delivery of their shipments.

Martin Brzozowski, the Information Technology specialist at Go To Logistics’ River Grove, IL, location, researched electronic access control locks, then contacted Anderson Lock Sales Representative Rose Umana to request a quote on Hager HS4 (SALTO) products. Rose, and Hager representative Justin Robinson, met with Martin, then specified several different types of HS4 locks and readers, for all interior and exterior doors in this huge new facility.

Some Hager HS4 access control system components are wireless, some hardwired. Some are accessed with smartphones, some with fobs or wristbands. Martin trained at Hager’s main office then installed and programmed the system. He loves Hager HS4 products’ security, flexibility, and sleek appearance.

The ‘Go To Logistics Project’ Features:

  • Locks for all exterior and interior doors
  • Fobs, wristbands and readers (also able to use smart phones for access)
  • Hardwired and wireless
  • Flexible and secure
  • Ability to control access to every door
  • Sleek appearance

SALTO transportation solutions are in use around the world in airports, train, metro and bus stations,
ports, warehousing and distribution centers.