Classroom Security Upgrade at Oak Lawn Community High School

Our existing relationship with Seymour Schwartz, a well-regarded educational architectural consultant, led to Anderson Lock’s early involvement with Oak Lawn Community High School’s perimeter and classroom security upgrade. Meetings with him, and with the high school’s IT and facilities managers, during the early planning stage, led to the bid specification for Open Options as the software that drives this access control system.

Open Options allowed us the ability to integrate Oak Lawn’s existing camera system with new Schlage AD400 locks. Anderson Lock technicians did the wireless lock installations, as well as the wiring for the PIMS and control panels.

Anderson Lock estimators identified 200 doors to be included in the wireless lockdown system. For the first year, installations were scaled back to the first floor, or approximately 80 doors. Phase 2 of Oak Lawn High School’s expansion of their security improvements project was completed the next budget year. It consisted of 110 Schlage AD400 locks interfaced into their Open Options Access System.

Joe Giglio, Oak Lawn’s Director of Buildings and Grounds, appreciated having the entire security upgrade, which included 100-plus door and frame replacements, the perimeter and classroom security lockdown system installation, and video integration, all provided by one source. He complimented our access control team for their ability to articulate the benefits of the technology, and “make everything work together.”

Joe said, “You guys are the whole package. The whole experience. You make my job easier!”