West Leyden School District Courtyard Addition

The Courtyard Addition for Leyden School District 212 is one phase of the largest construction and renovation project in the history of the district. The new facility at West Leyden High School is being built inside a portion of the school’s inner courtyard. The first floor will be a cafeteria / commons addition and a kitchen renovation. The second floor addition will provide space for a library and media center.

Anderson Lock is supplying hollow metal and wood doors, door hardware, and a card access system for openings in the media, library, and advisor office areas. Project Manager, Tom Lavin, and Sales Manager, Jim Walsh, worked with school district representatives, and SPM Architects, on this new construction project.

East Leyden High School, in Franklin Park, is 90 years old, and West Leyden High School, in Northlake, is 60 years old. Both the new, and renovated, spaces will improve safety and security for students, as well as enhance their educational experience.