CONRAC is expected to serve 30,000 travelers daily.

Located on the east side of O’Hare Airport, the CONRAC and ATS Extension spans 33 acres and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build. This consolidated car rental facility and parking structure is a multimodal transportation center combining airline, light transit, rail, bus, shuttle as well as both rental and privately owned vehicles at one location to facilitate travel within the Chicago region and to destinations throughout the world. At more than 3 million gross square feet, the facility will become one of the largest structures in the Midwest. A joint venture of Austin Commercial, Power Construction, and Ujamaa Construction, it is expected to serve 30,000 travelers daily.

Anderson Lock Door Division was sub-contracted by Meccor Industries, a contractor hired by Power Construction, to supply Sargent security hardware and 450 Curries hollow metal doors and frames for entry / exit openings, for offices, hallways, stairwells, IT, maintenance, electrical and pump rooms.

Rob Rothgeb coordinated at least 50 separate deliveries as construction progressed. “For example, all the stairwell doors were installed at one time. It’s been important to have the inventory for this job staged in our huge warehouse so that it can be sent to the jobsite as needed. Also, we’ve been able to adjust quickly from our own stock to modify frames when changes are called for. When office doors in the car rental concourse were re-designed, our onsite fabrication stations kept us on schedule. We’ve modified complex framing requirements and added doors for remote buildings because they liked what we were supplying on the original contract.”

“There are lots of hands in the cookie jar on a job of this magnitude,” Rob noted. Keeping track of all aspects of ordering, staging and delivery of materials has been streamlined by new large monitors and plan reading software. “There’s no question that our new Door Division facility, with all our capabilities and space, has enabled this big project to run as smoothly as possible.”