High School District #220 Exterior Door Access Control

Mark Appleby, Director of Transportation and Operations, pushed to have Anderson Lock install access control security locks at Burbank’s Reavis High School this summer. “Anderson Lock has been our only security lock provider for the 12 years I’ve been here,” he says. “You installed our Master Key System, and there’s a high level of trust. This year, when our security consultant recommended an electronic access control system that ties into our security cameras, I contacted Jim Didier, who has always been there for us, and he put me in touch with Jeff Parcell.”

Jeff assigned Vince Bagneschi and Brian Paluch to the four-week project of installing an RS2 Access System on 17 exterior doors. One door in each bank has a card reader to grant access, with request to exit and reporting capabilities, on every door of each bank to show when a door is exited, and whether or not the exit is authorized, or forced. The system also has facility mapping for one click operation of lockdown abilities, and gives a detailed overview of the security status of the doors.

“The RS2 System can do so much,” Mark noted. “It ties into our cameras, integrates with time stamps, so much more. It’s the first phase of our upgraded security work.” He continued, “And those guys, Vince and Brian, were awesome! They were neat, clean, a pleasure to work with. Fantastic.”