Medeco deadbolt

Deadbolts, like this one from Medeco, protect property from would-be burglars.

The headline quoted above, which was printed in ‘The Daily Herald,’ (our local newspaper) caught my eye. According to a recent police news release, a man tried to break into a Des Plaines business by shattering a window pane on the front door. However, “he was thwarted by the door’s deadbolt lock.”

A nearby security camera captured footage that shows the man drive up to the store…”carrying something in his hands.” The actual window smashing was out of camera range, but moments later the man returned to his vehicle and drove away.

This story does not describe what kind of deadbolt lock stopped the would-be burglar, it could have been a single cylinder, double cylinder, standard or high security deadbolt. All are available, from several manufacturers, and in a variety of finishes, from Anderson Lock.

Click on this Medeco link to view a brief video about the importance of high security deadbolts like the Medeco Maxum.

We know that the security they provide is worth the cost, many times over, but it is worthwhile for business and home owners to be reminded of their importance.

Security cameras (also available from Anderson Lock) deter crime, and, as in this instance, aid police in identifying would-be burglars.