In lock terminology, the core is the small, round inner part of a cylinder. It is the movable piece of a locking cylinder, located in the middle of the cylinder itself. Also called the plug, it contains the keyway which receives the key.

The correct key, when inserted into the core and turned, will lock or unlock the hardware. A housing refers to the part of the cylinder that holds the core. A cylinder is the complete unit of a housing and a core. Conventional cores, Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC) and Full Size Interchangeable Cores (FSIC) are all available in 6-pin and 7-pin industry standards from all major lock manufacturers.

Thus, the core is the innermost, most essential part of a cylinder. It is the part that determines whether or not a key inserted into it will operate the lock. It is the core strength of the lock.

A lock core or plug

Pins may be contained in a fin above the core

IC cores are identified by their figure 8 shape

Lever lock with conventional core

Schlage mortise cylinder with conventional core

Schlage rim cylinder with IC core

In English grammar, core is defined as a noun referring to the central, innermost, or most essential part, of anything. Synonyms are center, kernel, gist, heart and essence. Examples are “the Earth’s core” and “an apple core.”

In anatomy, your core is “the central part of your body.” The strength of the underlying muscles of the torso help determine posture.

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Anderson Lock’s Mission Statement is: “Promoting peace of mind by providing quality solutions that improve the safety, security, accessibility and aesthetics of buildings.”  Safety, security and accessibility are fundamental characteristics of commercial lock sales and service solutions. The “beauty” of most commercial door hardware is secondary to its functionality. But aesthetics are nevertheless integral to every installation we do. We take pride not only in our security solutions, but also in how the finished project looks.