A slamming door creates a “door opening dilemma,” but there is an easy solution. Repair or replace the door closer! Or, if you are lucky, simply adjust the door closer’s spring power and/or back check valves.

Having a customer base that doesn’t know about all the door services Anderson Lock provides, presents a more subtle sort of “door opening dilemma.”

Mark moves and cuts a wood door with state-of-the-art equipment at Anderson Lock’s Door Division.

Anderson Lock began as a locksmith service company, so it is often perceived as only a locksmith service provider. However, locksmith service is now only a part of what we can do for doors! Anderson Lock’s Door Division is located in Schaumburg, IL, and it houses state-of-the-art door fabrication equipment and well-trained welders and fabricators. It also houses a huge inventory of hollow metal and commercial wood doors.

Anderson Lock’s access control team specifies electronic locks, cameras and related products for security monitoring of openings. Anderson Lock’s installation team replaces old, rusty, bent and beat-up doors and frames with new doors, frames, heavy-duty hardware, electronic access controls and cameras.

Integrating all aspects of an opening takes experienced professionals who know what questions to ask when specifying components for an opening. Codes and building standards, door location and usage, and, of course, budget considerations, are all taken into account. Balancing life safety, security and durability, while maintaining architectural aesthetics and controlled costs, creates daily “door opening dilemmas” for estimators and project managers–but they are dilemmas that lead to satisfying solutions for the Anderson Lock customers who know us not just as locksmiths, but as the door opening experts we have become!