Doors & Frames

Anderson Lock’s Door Division is Filled with Frames Ready for Delivery

Although it appears that these doors and frames go on ‘forever’…they are almost all scheduled for delivery to a single jobsite, a suburban interior office build-out.
Anderson Lock stocks frame material from all major manufacturers. Whether you need to match hinge locations from Steelcraft or Curries, we buy direct from both. We stock hollow metal and commercial wood doors from multiple sources.
  • We’ve invested in state-of-the-art door handling and fabricating equipment.
  • We’ve put together a talented team of welders, led by Glenn Franger, to produce frames, and modify doors.
  • And, we efficiently and accurately match architectural requirements.

Some frames feature sidelites, or borrowed lites. Some have transoms. We do frames for wood doors. Metal doors. Drywall. Masonry. We do hinge and strike modifications, and add reinforcements for closers. Doors and frames come in countless sizes and configurations; we supply innumerous anchors.

Our capabilities for custom fabrications of commercial, industrial, and institutional doors and frames really do go on ‘forever!’