Brian Cassidy

Brian Cassidy

1984 was a big year for our company. We moved to 1801 Oakton that year, doubling our space. “Footloose” and “Ghostbusters” were popular movies, and their songs became 80’s classics, just as the three musicians we hired that year have become Anderson Lock classics.

John Didier, Jim Riddle and Brian Cassidy, who each celebrated 30 Years of Service in 2014, all played in 80’s rock bands, and all needed a day job!

John Didier, who had followed his brother, Mike, to Anderson Lock, is the only one of the three who still performs with a rock band. He is a service estimator whose estimate conversion ratio speaks volumes about his diligent work ethic.

In ’84, Johnny told his friend Brian Cassidy, that Anderson “needed a guy to cut about 30,000 keys” for a large Hyatt rekeying job.

Brian went from playing heavy metal to cutting small pieces of metal; and went from that to learning virtually everything there is to know about keys, keyways, key blanks, key codes, key cylinders, key systems, key machines, key control and key customers.

Brian’s mechanical talent, organizational skills, and respect from co-workers and customers, soon led to his position as Counter Manager, a valued member of the Management Team. He helped train most of the locksmiths we employ.

In 1984, Jim Riddle, who also was good friends with many of our other locksmiths, played drums in a wedding band. He started in Shipping & Receiving, then became a skilled lock tech. As Service Manager, Jim is a respected member of our Management Team, whose knowledge and experience helps to keep our Service Department rolling!

Now, this “30 Years of Service Team,” like their 80’s rock bands, is breaking up…and one of its members is moving away.

Brian, and his wife Karen, will be relocating to Arizona, where they vacation annually, and where they invested in property several years ago. We will miss them, and wish them well!