Anderson Lock techs, Matt and Chris, install new door and frame, electric strike, IEI keypad, and related hardware in a transportation-industry office.

Anderson Lock techs, Matt and Chris, install new door and frame, electric strike, IEI keypad, and related hardware in a transportation-industry office.

IEI keypad

IEI keypad

Building automation companies provide a computerized, intelligent network of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical, electronic, and lighting systems in a building.

But, before you sign a contract, with monthly fees, to have someone monitor your security door hardware, you should consider your alternatives.

Anderson Lock is a responsive, Chicago area, family-owned, security-focused company that is readily available to troubleshoot any access control issues you might encounter.

Anderson Lock installs

  • electric strikes,
  • card readers,
  • electrified locks,
  • electrified exit hardware,
  • automatic door controls,
  • CCTV systems and
  • other network components of commercial building access control systems.

The software we install is easy-to-manage, with a full range of audit trail and monitoring options. We use an industry-standard platform, and customize configurations to meet each facility’s security needs. Anderson Lock techs provide software training on your equipment, at your facility.

We also warranty our work, and if there is a problem with something we installed, we promptly take care of it! Anderson Lock has trained, friendly, experienced, knowledgeable technicians that respond immediately if there is a breach of security. Because we were founded as a locksmith service company, we know the importance of providing 24-hour emergency service for our customers. One phone call will quickly put you in touch with one of our local lock techs who is ready to respond immediately.

It may seem convenient to bundle the monitoring of all the electronic systems in a facility into one service contract, but monthly fees are very steep. A few of the building automation companies have grown so large that there are different levels of technicians, and getting through to the right level for your crisis, when you call, can involve a frustrating amount of time listening to recorded messages and then waiting on hold.

Security door hardware needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as a problem is detected. Maintenance personnel don’t need to be told by a third party employee that there is a problem with an electric strike or card reader in their building. They are usually the first to know!

Anderson Lock is an Authorized Distributor for

  • Ingersoll-Rand Security Technologies,
  • Open Options Access Technology,
  • Stanley BEST,
  • and other top-name manufacturers of access control products.

We have long-term relationships with our vendors, and great buying programs.

Your facility may want to rely on a building automation service company for some of its mechanical, electronic, and lighting systems. But if you are upgrading your security hardware system, or installing a new one, you will save money by contacting us directly if you need service.

Since 1960 our family-owned company has been dedicated to door security. We have a proven, trusted reputation for both mechanical and electronic solutions.

  • You don’t need a middleman.
  • Or a service contract.
  • Just call Anderson Lock. 800-323-LOCK [5625].