LCN 4630 HO Auto Equalizer Electric Power Operator

LCN 4630 HO Auto Equalizer

The LCN 4600 Series Auto-Equalizer Electric Power Operator opens doors slowly to provide easy access for the disabled, elderly, or frail. It is designed primarily for manual opening applications that occasionally require automatic opening. It features a built-in power supply that provides power to manual actuators and other peripherals. The automatic opening feature, a pushbutton actuator with a wheelchair symbol, is mounted near the opening, and, if the door is unlocked, opens it with a gentle push.

A recent Anderson Lock installation called for a 4600 Series power operator to control a door secured with Von Duprin 99 exit hardware, and a SCHLAGE Multi-Technology Reader. This entry door is also tied into access control security and fire alarm systems. The door can only be opened by someone with a valid card or credential. The ADA pushbutton operator, therefore, needed to be wired to only open the door after a valid card has been presented.

Innovative wired and wireless products work together to secure this door, and other perimeter and interior openings.

Aptiq card reader

SCHLAGE card reader

LCN ADA Pushbutton

LCN ADA Pushbutton