MasterLock Padlocks

MasterLock Padlocks with Bluetooth Technology

Combinations can confound. Padlocks can perplex. Keys get lost.

Introducing…new Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks. Your phone opens your lock!

Access. Remastered. Master Lock’s new technology puts control in the palm of your hand, so you can protect what matters most in your life. Unlock your lock, share access with guests, and monitor activity – all with one easy-to-use app.

These new locks are rugged, with the strength you expect from Master Lock.

You can use your phone to give someone access to your lock without risk of giving out keys or combinations. Simply give them all day access or limit access to day or night. Choose from indoor and outdoor models. The indoor design fits neatly in most locker applications. Put an outdoor Bluetooth Smart Padlock on the shed where you store your lawnmower then (remotely) give access to your neighbor’s son when he is ready to mow your lawn.

Easily manage your workforce’s access to key areas and keep an effortless log of employee entry that you can bring up anytime, anywhere.

Available at Anderson Lock. Call us. 800-323-LOCK.