Door Tech Talk

Nick, Todd and Scott repair and replace doors, frames and hardware

Recommending the right door and frame to meet the weather, traffic and security needs of an opening is the task of Anderson Lock’s experienced estimators. “It’s a big project to coordinate the ordering, fabricating and installation of an opening,” says our Estimating Manager, Dave Grothe. “We are fortunate to have a talented group of installers to provide our customers with a finished opening that improves both the functionality and aesthetics of their buildings.”

Commercial wood and hollow metal doors, flush and drywall frames, and stick components for fabrication of welded products, are kept in stock at our Door Division for quick turnaround installations.

Trained, experienced employees, and state of the art stamping, welding, cutting and handling equipment, ensures quick delivery of any size order.

Fitting new components into the opening is the task of the door techs…but first, they have to remove the existing doors, frames and thresholds. Prying dented, rusted strips of metal out of an entry, where they’ve been bolted into concrete for decades, takes strength and perseverance. Then, shimming the new frame until it is straight, even if the rough opening is crooked, then fastening it in place, takes patience and skill. Hanging doors on hinges, assuring a snug fit that isn’t so snug that the door won’t swing open is the next step the techs take. Next, security hardware is installed, usually including a door closer and locks.

Anderson Lock is unique in its ability to represent all the major hardware manufacturers, and to have experienced technicians to repair or replace total door openings. Call us to schedule a free estimate.