Aaron removes old frame and threshold then installs new frame / door & hardware

Door frame failure leads to losses from rear door break-ins. An Anderson Lock door technician is shown removing a weather-weakened frame, chiseling out a rusted threshold, then installing a new door, frame and security door hardware.

Ripping out old door frames isn’t effortless, but some old frames pry loose a lot easier than you might expect! Door frame failure is an enormous security risk. Loose frames are more vulnerable to break-ins than doors or locks because they can be bent, the lock can be popped open and entry gained. Surveys show that U.S. businesses lose billions annually to theft, and FBI statistics reveal that more than 60% of all burglaries were the result of forced entry. A crow-bar can make quick work of opening an ill-fitting frame with a rusty hollow metal door.

Consider the value of the property you have to protect, then determine whether you can afford not to replace the back and side doors of your commercial building.

Theft also occurs from within, of course, so our estimators recommend that, in addition to heavy-duty metal doors, frames and deadbolts, you also install CCTV cameras, exit alarms, exit locks or delayed egress alarm locks to minimize losses.

Walk the perimeter of your building, and do your own security survey. Call us for a free estimate if you find evidence of door or frame failure.