Anderson Lock is growing...and so is the pile of snow next to our sign!

Anderson Lock is growing…and so is the pile of snow next to our sign!

It’s snowing…again.

Even though it takes longer for our techs to get to and from job sites, and the work is slower due to frozen caulk, frozen drill batteries, freezing fingers and toes, the jobs that don’t get cancelled, get done. One tech encountered concrete raising up, preventing the door from opening properly. He did his best to alleviate the problem, but until this spell of bad winter weather ends, that door won’t be used much.

Anderson Lock techs wear extra layers, and keep a shovel in their truck in case they need to clear their way to the door they are servicing. The second floor of an exposed parking garage was extra-troublesome today, with freezing temperatures and blowing snow.

Delivery driver, Eric Christensen, says the snow makes days longer, roads slower, and driveways narrower. He noted that it was snowing so fast today the plows couldn’t keep up, but also said that most docks had been cleared.

Purchasing Manager, Jeffery Glaister, received emails from east coast companies like Medeco, Arrow and Sargent Lock that reported early closings, limited resources, and limited phone service due to bad weather conditions. Trucking companies had not been able to get to factories, so deliveries next week may be delayed.

The Front Counter team tries to keep up with snow removal around our Main Office, and tries to keep floors clean in the showroom. They say frozen hockey-puck locks for vans have been a common problem for customers, and that we’ve sold a lot of lock de-icer.

It’s supposed to warm up later this week. We hope it does!