CorbinRusswin CL3300 Series, Heavy Duty Lever Locks NZD Design

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Recommended for use in heavy duty commercial applications including schools, hospitals and government buildings.


Product Details

Product Specs

  • Patented lever release design for vandal resistance
  • Anti-rotation throughbolts
  • Keyway: L4 standard; others optional
  • Backset:  2-3/4” standard; 3-3/4” and 5” available
  • Strike:  ANSI 4-7/8”
  • Handing:  Non-handed solid cast lever with heavy duty return springs
  • Door thickness: 1-3/4” - 2” standard, 2”- 2-1/4” optional
  • Grade 1; UL listed ; ADA compliant
  NOTE: The CL3352 Classroom Intruder function lockset allows locking of the outside lever from either side with the key. In a panic situation, the Key Turn Indicator serves as a quick reference for locking the door. And egress is always possible with the “anti-panic” feature, which keeps the outside lever locked if the inside lever is activated.


CL3310 – Passage

Both levers always unlocked.

CL3320 – Privacy

Inside pushbutton locks outside lever. Pushbutton released by emergency release tool outside, by rotating inside lever or by closing door. Inside lever always free.

CL3351 – Entrance

Key unlocks door when locked by inside pushbutton. Inside lever always unlocked.

CL3355 – Classroom

Outside lever locked / unlocked by key. Inside lever always unlocked.

CL3352 – Classroom Intruder

Key in either lever locks or unlocks outside lever. Inside lever is always unlocked.

CL3357 – Storeroom

Deadlocking latchbolt by key in outside lever or by rotating inside lever. (Lever handle is freewheeling in locked position.) Inside lever always free.