Thomas Didier Operating Pro-Lok Blue Punch Key Machine in Anderson Lock Showroom

Thomas Didier Easily Operates this Pro-Lok Blue Punch Key Machine

Anderson Lock's Showroom with Recently Cut Keys and Pro Lock Machine in Foreground

Pro-Lok’s Blue Punch Key Machine is accurate, dependable, economical

Thomas Didier replaced a spring in the Pro-Lok Blue Punch Key Machine just before this photo was taken. It’s not uncommon for springs to break when the machine gets as much use as ours does. Look at all the keys on this one order! Thomas made quick work of them, following the codes printed on the sheet next to the Blue Punch. In the second photo, Thomas is shown stamping a key.

The mechanical key cutter shown here is dedicated to small format Schlage keys. Original Schlage keys are cut on a similar Blue Punch on the back counter. Other keypunches are dedicated to other keyways.

Learn about Key Duplication

All of our service lock techs have Pro-Lok Blue Punches mounted in their service trucks for job site key duplication. They are hand-operated but can create keys with the speed of an automatic, electric duplicator. The depth and spacing jaws produce accurate, original cut keys.

Blue Punches are ideal for commercial locksmiths, hotels, schools, and other institutions, and they are one of the most frequently sold products in our online catalog.