…and we love providing door security solutions for our customers. That’s why we increased our Door Division’s custom fabricating capabilities.

Anderson Lock’s Door Division, in Elk Grove, recently installed a computer numerical control (CNC) machine in the custom door fabricating shop inside its immense warehouse.

This complex machine is controlled by a computer to provide a level of efficiency, accuracy and consistency that couldn’t be achieved through manual, or previous machine, processes.

The CNC machine makes cutting hinge and lock preps, vision lites, and other custom fabrications easy. And fast.

Operations that were impossible years ago are now effortless. (There are various types of CNC machines used in industrial manufacturing today. Each machine differs in construction, the way they operate and the types of product they can make.)

Anderson Lock’s new CNC machine will reduce our dependence on skilled manpower, important In this current labor-challenged time. It will assure faster turnaround times, and, we’ll be able to do innovative details, like cutting curves and round windows in doors, that we couldn’t have managed with our existing machines.

Another bonus is that it will help us mitigate supply chain issues. Long delivery times for custom orders will decrease because we’ll be able to do many more in-house fabrications.

On Valentine’s Day I do hope someone asks to have a heart shape cut into their door!